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June 29, 2013
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Costume Swap party by Alasou Costume Swap party by Alasou
Beginning of a new series. Rarity set up a costume party (with the help of pinkie, of course). Everybody wear someone else costume. More in coming. Probably.

(this all idea started with this thought : "I want to draw Rainbow Dash in the dangerous mission outfit!" )
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To me, the main focus of this artwork, clearly revolves around Rainbow Dash, but what struck me as unique here, was how Dash in all "tomboy-ish-ness" can put on a costume and appear completely different in how we would perceive her. She now appears cuter, much more childish and innocent. I particularly liked how the rabbit ears on the hoodie, were one up one down, like a curious rabbit. The position of the ears and the juice-box, all seem to make RD appear childlike. As for the technique and art style, there is a good use of thin light lines that help keep the work looking clean and smooth, but I would prefer to focus on the excellent use of colour blending present in the mane and tail of RD, even from a distance, it looks different from how "separated" the colours in her mane usually are. Here, they overlap slightly and blend neatly together forming a smooth looking image in contrast to her usual "sharp" style in the series. All in all, this has shown to be quite an impressive piece of work. Just a note, a little more emphasis on the "red cloud" above Fluttershy and Twilight would be nice as it is a bit hard to see against the pinkish purple walls.
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i just love it. its so creative! Rainbow Dash looks so cute in those bunny ears and bunny feet. I Just don't get why twilight sparkle is dressed like a dragon and fluttershy a wolf. And why are they hiding, and blushing. Do thet this rainbow dash is sexy!? Cuz i thinkg so. Lol. also why is there a single balloon. i just love how the shading is. its so good. well blended. Just AMAZING! what software thingy did u use. and what tablet? I Love it so very much! Im dying im totally favoriteing this. LOL Good luck on future draweings.
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RainbowDashieFan1 Jan 11, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
SO CUTE! *Explodes into rainbows*
ah. this is that nice pic i saw on that fan fic site, i like it so much i kept that tab on for more than a week. :D
*Jedi hand wave* You will share that juice box.

Nah seriously great work Mr/Mrs Alasou.
Are they both havin` a wing-boner ?! :D
I saw this on Fimfiction. Is this pic part of a fic? Or inspired by a story on that site? But yeah Dash is pure adorableness here.
Alasou Dec 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Nothing related to a fanfiction, and I don't read fanfic. It was a random idea =)
A rather cute random idea.
Miss-Awesomeness11 Dec 16, 2013  Student General Artist
So cute!
This wonderful piece of art is too good for my words.
That's actually a good look on her.
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